Kjaer Weis


 Kjaer Weis is uniquely versatile, gorgeously flattering & high-performance beauty powered by hand selected Certified Organic ingredients.

Danish-born, NYC-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis masters a beauty look that flatters every face with skincare-powered color so nourishing and intuitive it becomes one with skin. Exuding a Scandinavian thoughtfulness and a boldness and energy that is undeniably NYC, each product has been meticulously crafted to ensure that it is beautifully complementary to each woman wearing it while simultaneously improving the look of skin over time.

We are rooted in sustainability. Our certified-organic formula ensures high performance while being good for you and the planet.  Our products are housed in completely refillable and recyclable compacts that look like contemporary art. Each detail is considered and deliberate with the goal of elevating the Kjaer Weis user to instant-artist status while making their best-self more effortless.

KJAER WEIS Eye Pencil - Blue
KJAER WEIS Eye Shadow - Wisdom
KJAER WEIS Lengthening Mascara Refill - Black
KJAER WEIS Lip Gloss - Courage
KJAER WEIS Lipstick - Believe
KJAER WEIS Lipstick - Empower
KJAER WEIS Lipstick - KW Red
KJAER WEIS Lipstick - Sucre
KJAER WEIS Lip Tint - Goddess
KJAER WEIS Lip Gloss - Cherish
KJAER WEIS Brush - Concealer
KJAER WEIS Eye Shadow - Grace
KJAER WEIS Eye Shadow - Onyx