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Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes take pride in their sustainability efforts. Their small, female-led team works with local suppliers to create beautiful, scented products with minimal environmental impact. Inspired by natural ingredients from Britain, France, and Morocco, their scents and candles evolve throughout the day. With recyclable packaging that can serve a secondary purpose, they strive to make perfume for all, regardless of age, origin, or gender.

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Laboratory Perfume Amber
Laboratory Perfume Samphire
Laboratory Perfumes - Amber CandleLaboratory Perfumes - Amber Candle
Laboratory Perfume Gorse
Laboratory Perfume Tonka
Laboratory Perfumes Atlas CandleLaboratory Perfumes Atlas Candle
Laboratory Perfumes - Samphire CandleLaboratory Perfumes - Samphire Candle
Laboratory Perfume Atlas
Laboratory Perfumes Tonka Candlelaboratory-perfumes-tonka-candle